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Case Studies

Aircraft Fire Trainer

VMK 20 NC, VFK 25 NC, MK 10 NC 1E

Aircraft Fire Trainer

Aircraft Fire Trainer are designed to recreate a series of different emergency scenarios, including interior and exterior incident fires and large-scale fuel spill fires on airplanes, all managed by an adjacent control tower and PC control station. Inside, a series of fires can be accessed by a series of doors on multiple levels, helping to develop realistic rescue scenarios.

Aircraft Fire Trainers are fully programmable, and automatically respond to the application of extinguishing media, for a realistic fire response.

Fire simulations utilize clean burning propane. Alternately, "dual-fueled" fire simulations are available that burn either kerosene for maximum realism or propane for environmental compliance.


co-ax® valves are used to release propane or liquid fuel to the plane mock-up shown in the picture. The fuel is ignited and the fire is extinguished by fire fighting trainees. They use water to extinguish the flames. Water also keeps the mock-up from distorting. The co-ax® valves are submerged under the gravel and water in the bottom of the pool.

Why are co-ax® valves the preferred choice?

  • Positive shut-off.
  • Fast open/closing speed < 100 milliseconds required.
  • Compact size.
  • Valves (externally controlled) can be buried in a pit.

Typical co-ax® valves being used in this application

  • VMK 20 NC
  • VFK 25 NC
  • MK 10 NC 1E