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co-ax® valves offer accuracy, repeatability and fast actuation for blow molding applications


Blow molding is a manufacturing process where hollow plastic items are formed - in this case, plastic bottles. This specific blow molding machine uses an externally controlled (air operated) co-ax valve to operate. The air (500 psi) flows from port B to port A to form the bottle; once the plastic bottle is formed, the valve closes and the air is exhausted from port A to port C through a muffler.

Blow molding of plastic bottles requires air pressure control that is exact, repeatable and fast acting. Downtime can be devastating and have a costly impact to all manufacturers. Most conventional valves struggle to offer accuracy, repeatability and fast actuation for the toughest applications. As a result, premature failures and operational problems can occur. These can easily be prevented by using a co-ax valve.

The externally controlled (air operated) co-ax® valve is pressure balanced with operating conditions that can be customized with suitable seat and seal materials for virtually any applications. They are designed to be low maintenance and durable for a wide variety of applications, making them the best choice for systems that require high performance and reliable valves with predictable opening and closing speeds.

Why are co-ax® valves the preferred choice?

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance cost
  • Engineered for long life (high cycle life)
  • Pressure balanced design
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds

co-ax® valve being used in this application

  • VMK 10 DR NC (3/2-way, externally controlled coaxial valve)
Blow Molding
Blow Molding
Blow Molding
Blow Molding