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Case Studies

Fish scales and frog legs in a fossil fueled furnace. No hassles.

VSV-F 50 NC 2E

VSV-F 50 NC 2E

The application is demanding even though the water quality isn’t. Modern fossil-fueled power stations are right-sized and extremely efficient. But even the most efficient powerhouse using the cleanest burning coal will see its heat transfer efficiency erode when soot and ash build-up is deposited on internal heat transfer and reaction surfaces. And so these surfaces require regular high pressure cleaning. Water is the cleaning medium. Process water is seldom used. Rather the water's source is typically untreated pond, lake, well or river water.

The water quality may be marginal but controlling the water is essential. The co-ax® 2" pneumatically operated valve specified for this application met two pre requisite criteria. First, the valve must routinely tolerate the contamination that’s routinely found in the untreated water – everything from unfiltered fish scales and plant matter to pebbles and mud. Second, the valve must provide an accurately timed water jet slaved to a process control system and pre-determined discrete cleaning patterns.

The on/off accuracy of the application is exacting so as not to impinge on hot surfaces and impair ongoing boiler operations. What’s more, the applied valve must operate maintenance free for extended periods of time in a nearly inaccessible environment.

The powerful co-ax® control tube design is an ideal solution. The integrated coaxial power tube (a) delivers positive shut-off in fractions of a second, (b) is unaffected by contaminated water, and (c) the adjustable opening and closing speed eliminates water hammer.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our coaxial power tube technology together with its huge operating range from vacuum to 7500 psi and from - 326°F to 756°F consistently gets us involved in some real valving adventures. But we’re committed to helping our customers out of every demanding application they get themselves into.