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PCS-1 15 Module

PCS-1 15 Module

There’s more to co-ax® valves than the powerful control tube design. There’s also the wisdom and ingenuity that comes from hundreds of years of combined applications experience and engineering know-how.

In this case the co-ax® customer required a customized valve solution to an application engineering and design dilemma in a sophisticated modern machine tool. Here are the specifications:

  1. The application required a compact, low profile valve.
  2. The valve must be capable of routine positive on/off delivery of coolant to the toolhead in fractions of a second.
  3. The flow must be manually adjustable when required.
  4. The valve must integrate an adjustable bypass to maintain constant coolant flow in the event the primary port is closed.
  5. The valve must accommodate dual pressures simultaneously.

The co-ax® valve in this case is a 4-unit modular valve configuration. One of the units is fitted with an isolation plate to allow a different operating pressure on demand.

The OEM’s material cost and installation time have been substantially reduced. And the co-ax® modular concept seamlessly integrates four high perf o rmance valves into a single compact component. Besides reducing the inventory and complexity cost of multiple valves the form factor of the co-ax® modular unit is very compact, saves space and eliminates potential leak points.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our coaxial power tube technology together with its huge operating range from vacuum to 7500 psi and from -326°F to 756°F consistently gets us involved in some real valving adventures. But we’re committed to helping our customers out of every demanding application they get themselves into.