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Case Studies

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Paints and industrial coatings grow more sophisticated on a nearly 6-month cycle. The chemistry iterations that make paint aesthetic and performance advances possible is wellunderstood. In fact, benefits like tens, sometimes hundreds of hues in a family of colors, colorfast technology, advanced textures, mold and fungus resistance and other longevity or one-coat performance characteristics are commonly mixed and trialed in the R&D and prototyping labs.

But what works in the lab doesn’t always work in a volume manufacturing environment unless the precision of the process can duplicate the precision of the lab. Dosing precision, dosing sequence and dosing timing are essential. Filling accuracy is no less important. The abrasive quality of the raw materials and the typical process pressures inherent in the manufacture of mineralbased paints, coatings and inks take their toll on seals, seats and o-rings throughout the process.

That’s why this customer, a manufacturer of premium paints turned, ultimately, to co-ax® valves when they decided to rebuild the textured paint line. The co-ax® valves are not inexpensive, but they cost far less than unexpected downtime and unplanned maintenance. The powerful and flexible control tube design provided the extremely fast, positive shut-off and non-stop cycling times that the modern plant required. A principle aim of the rebuild was to eliminate clogging and bottlenecking in the dispensing system of the textured paint line and keep it running at design capacity.

And, to assure consistent color and performance chemistry from batch to batch under real world process conditions in the plant, dosing systems were rebuilt to deal predictably with the variations in pressure that occur from time to time in any large, complex processing plant. The coax® control tube design doesn’t recognize pressure imbalances. The valve is pressure balanced and accommodates coaxially for any wear. Therefore the accuracy, the positive on/off performance and long cycle life required by this production scale dosing system is never in danger of being compromised by variations in operating pressure at the valve.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our coaxial power tube technology together with its huge operating range from vacuum to 7500 psi and from -326°F to 756°F consistently gets us involved in some real valving adventures. But we’re committed to helping our customers out of every demanding application they get themselves into.