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Case Studies

No water hammer. No plugging. No nonsense. No problems.

5-PCS-1 10

5-PCS-1 10

This externally controlled cartridge valve is an exceptionally reliable and unusually fast axial valve, and in this case, ideal for abrasive media.

This manufacturer of precision - forged drive components for automotive and off - highway vehicles needed a low profile and no-nonsense valve for its forging operations. The customized forging tools they use are lubricated with a proprietary water and graphite mixture. The lubricant is perfect for this forging process but because of the entrained and abrasive solids, finding the right valve was an adventure. Earlier solutions like a diaphragm valve didn’t work at all. The valve often plugged up. Or, the diaphragm cracked and the valve failed, sometimes after just 15 cycles.

Other valves caused excessive water hammer and failed prematurely.

The co-ax valves aren’t cheap, but even more expensive is the downtime and unnecessary maintenance on the capital equipment at the heart of this forging process. The co-ax® 5-PCS-1 10 valve performs as promised, cycling every 2 seconds like clockwork, admitting the precise dose of customized lubricant each time. This valve gets noticed a whole lot less than other valve technologies. In fact the co-ax® poppet technology has been in leak-free service now for over 250,000 cycles without a failure, or maintenance.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our axial valve technologies gets us involved in some real valving adventures. But we’re committed to helping our customers out of every demanding application they get themselves into.