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Case Studies

co-ax® valves for polyol applications

PCS-1 10 / 15, PCS-2 10 / 15, PCS-3 15, PCB-1 10, PCD-1 10, KB 15, VMK-H 15 / 15 DR / 20 / 25, VSV-M 50

co-ax® valves are used to inject polyol, which then blends together with isocyanates to create a chemical compound called polyurethanes.

The mixture of the chemicals form molds for many different applications, which are used to create mattresses, foam insulation for refrigerators and freezers, home and automotive seats, elastomeric shoe soles, fibers (e.g. Spandex), and adhesives.

Isocyanates, when exposed to air, tend to form crystals that generate premature wear in valves, especially those containing abrasive fillers and they are equally destructive to the seals and seat.

Multiple co-ax® valves have been designed and sold for polyol applications. The fast actuation speeds of the co-ax® valve combined with high cycle life and virtually no maintenance are key advantages for this application.

Why are co-ax® valves the preferred choice?

  • Fast actuation
  • Engineered for long life (high cycle life)
  • Pressure balanced design

co-ax® valves being used in this application

  • PCS-1 10, PCS-1 15, PCS-2 10, PCS-2 15, PCS-3 15, PCB-1 10, PCD-1 10 - cartridge valves, externally controlled
  • KB 15 direct acting valves
  • VMK-H 15, VMK-H 15 DR, VMK-H 20, VMK-H 25, VSV-M 50
polyol applications
polyol applications
polyol applications
polyol applications
polyol applications