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Pressure spikes and contaminated coolant. No problem.

3-HPB-S 32

3-HPB-S 32

Productivity in North America continues to outpace the rest of the industrialized world. That has a lot to do with a longer workweek than some regions, a more modern infrastructure than other regions and a workforce with a strong work ethic. But there are lots of other reasons for maintaining such a routine high level of productivity. One of those is the caliber, speed, precision and versatility of today’s machining centers.

And, modern highly automated machine tools require the ability to precisely regulate coolant pressure and flow. The control often occurs in fractions of a second in order to keep up with extremely fast machining times. But that’s not all, coolant management is key. Nevertheless, it’s nearly impossible to prevent some contaminants like graphite fines, metal chips, tramp oil and bacteria from becoming entrained in the coolant. And at some point it will all pass through the valve to the toolhead. Some valves can handle it. Most cannot.

The co-ax® by-pass valve handles both the demand for immediate and accurate pressure regulation and the passage of contaminated but still useable coolant. And, since the co-ax® valve also compensates for pressure spikes the need for a pressure relief valve is eliminated. Even when it’s de-energized, the positive shut-off benefit of the control tube design will keep the line from draining and thus avoid any potential dry start-up problems.

The unique design also substantially offsets any unnecessary work the coolant pump would have to do at start-up. The reduced energy consumption goes directly to the bottom line – more productivity.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our coaxial power tube technology together with its huge operating range from vacuum to 7500 psi and from -326°F to 756°F consistently gets us involved in some real valving adventures. But we’re committed to helping our customers out of every demanding application they get themselves into.