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Data Sheets
General Operating Manual
Certificates and Declarations of Conformity
ports flanges PN 40
function NC
pressure range 0-600 psi
A B max. 600 psi
B A max. 240 psi
A C max. 600 psi
C A max. 600 psi
CV value 12.9 GPM
media liquid fuels 
flow direction as marked
switching cycles 130 1/min
switching time opening 130 ms
closing 130 ms
media temperature DC +14 °F — +140 °C
AC +14 °F — +140 °C
ambient temperature DC +14 °F — +60 °C
AC +14 °F — +60 °C
weight 12.0 kg
nominal voltage Un 24 V DC +5% / -10%
Un 230 V 40-60 Hz AC +5% / -10%
actuation DC direct-current magnet
AC direct-current magnet with integrated rectifier
insulation rating H 180 °C
protection IP65
energized duty rating ED 100%
connection M 16 x 1,5 terminal box

The valves' technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics.

Certificated Valves