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cx-tec® Valves

An Uncompromising Combination of Solenoid Valve Benefits

Engineering and Maintenance Department

Doesn't leak, coils don't burn out, insensitive to dirt and doesn't require a spare parts inventory. Easy to install and maintenance-free. Available in direct-acting or air actuated versions.

cx-teg® CXD 15

Design Engineer
The cx-tec straight-through, compact coaxial valve is a design engineer's dream. Not only does it function regardless of pressure differential but it's fast, maintenance-free, and has a cycle life as much as 10 times greater than conventional valves.

cx-teg® CXD 15 DR

cx-teg® CXF 15

Production and Process Engineers

No worries means high cycle life, zero-leak performance and pressure balanced design. The straight-through flow path allows the valve to handle gaseous, liquid, pasty, gelatinous, contaminated, recycled or aggressive media. Relax knowing your valves are working ­ and will work for a very long time.

cx-teg® CXF 15 DR

purchasing and stores managers

Less is more, none is better. Competitive price point allows you to use cx-tec in place of multiple types of conventional valves. Eliminate your inventory - you don't need it. We stock cx-tec and will deliver it as quickly as you need it.


cx-teg® CXD 15 Cutout

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cx-teg® CXF 15 Cutout