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PCB-1 10

Data Sheets
General Operating Manual
ports threads NPT 3/8
function NC
pressure range 0-375 psi see pressure diagram
CV value 3.5 GPM
media gaseous  liquid  highly viscous  gelatinous  pasty  contaminated
flow direction A B as marked
switching cycles 60 1/min
switching time 30-3000 ms opening
30-3000 ms closing
media temperature +140 °F direct mounted pilot valve
ambient temperature +122 °F direct mounted pilot valve
weight 1,1 kg
nominal voltage Un 24 V DC
Un 230 V 40-60 Hz AC
protection IP65
energized duty rating ED 100%

The valves' technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics.

Product description

Series PCB valves are pneumatically or hydraulically actuated with two port connections and two switching positions. As standard, the control is carried out via a direct mounted 5/2-way pilot valve, or via a pilot valve cluster provided by the customer.

Series PCB has been especially designed for highly abrasive, adhesive, aggressive or toxic media. This valve series has been successfully used for glue applications, bonding technology and coolant supply in mechanical engineering, up to 375 psi pressure rating.

Series PCB valves have a special feature - they are hermetically sealed to the outside by a metal bellows and are also equipped with wear resistant valve seats. Media that hardens when making contact with air would destroy a conventional valve. The PCB can be used as a single valve as well as in a module or manifold. The proven cartridge design also ensures an economical and space-saving installation.

Switching times can be set as desired using throttles on the pilot valve; opening and closing can be delayed up to three seconds to prevent hydraulic pressure surges in pipeline systems.


The valves can be optionally equipped with a variety of pilot valves and limit switches, mounting brackets, and with diverse plug connections such as M12x1 DESINA/VDMA.


  • Specially developed for glue and adhesive
  • Hermetically sealed against the atmosphere by means of a metal bellows - no leakage bore
  • No carrying-over of the medium, thanks to dynamic seals
  • Wear-resistant valve seat
  • In the event of actuation air failure, the valve fails closed and tight at the seat
  • Proven and tested cartridge system; valve cartridge can be replaced within a few minutes
  • Valve body available in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Maximum pressure of 375 psi
  • 3/8“ NPT port connections

Special Valves