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solutions for the aerospace industry

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solutions for the aerospace industry

Often, key technologies are tested for the first time in the aerospace industry. The close cooperation with our partners and customers plays a major role in meeting the enormous requirements regarding safety, documentation, and individuality. It is possible for us to provide a valve that is perfectly tailored to the customer’s application due to the integration of special materials, seals, and/or connections. Especially in industries such as aerospace where just a few grams can make a difference, müller co-ax offers the advantage of particularly light and compact valves. Many years of expertise and experience flow into the development of valves. We are a reliable partner who can offer you a customized solution instead of merely something “off the shelf”.

Application examples of our valve technology


Propulsion systems

Test benches

Ground support

Reasons why co-ax® is the best choice for applications in aerospace include

Safety, reliability and process control
  • Safety, reliability and process control
    Our valves meet the highest quality standards which we guarantee via 100% in-house testing. We also offer options such as limit switches on the valve which ensure additional control of the valve functionality.
  • Close cooperation via customer proximity
    The aerospace industry, an innovation provider for many other industries, places particularly high demands on the installed valves. We are able to advise customers and provide service to our customers on-site with our numerous field employees, international subsidiaries and sales locations.
Close cooperation via customer proximity
Customized products through know-how
  • Customized products through know-how
    Our experience and expert knowledge, combined with the variability of our valves, make it possible to provide customized solutions for our customers. Our customers benefit from efficient solutions that are achieved through solutions such as weight reduction or a perfect adaptation to the existing system.