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High Pressure Lateral Valves

The lateral high-pressure valves are valves with two or three port connections and two switching positions. The pressure range extends from vacuum up to 7500 psi. In this type of construction, the magnetic drive is arranged laterally, not coaxially.

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Depending on the type, the high-pressure valves are available with either a magnetic actuator or with a pneumatic/hydraulic actuator. The nominal orifice sizes range from approx. 0.06" to 0.50". The flow factor (Cv value) ranges from a few liters to 4.0 GPM.

The pneumatically operated valves of Series PCD offer significant advantages for applications involving high pressure ranges and high flow rates due to their high switching force. Due to their unique coaxial design, most Series PCD 10 and PCD 15 valves can operate using instrument air pressure as low as 45 psi. Air consumption per stroke is sometimes only 1/10 of the amount needed by valves from well-known competitors. By using co-ax® valves, the consumption of expensive compressor air is minimized so that these valves are particularly energy-efficient. Due to the high switching force, externally controlled valves can be equipped with wiper rings. Also, they are ideally suited for use with abrasive media for high pressure applications.

Switching times can be set as desired using throttles on the pilot valve. Opening and closing can be delayed up to three seconds to prevent hydraulic pressure surges in pipeline systems.

Series PCD is typically used in gas filling stations and test benches, in compressor and hydraulic systems and in washing machines up to a maximum pressure of 7500 psi.


The valves can be optionally equipped with a variety of pilot valves and limit switches, mounting brackets, with various plug connections such as M12x1 DESINA/VDMA, or with special PWM plugs that require lower current.

Overview technical data High Pressure Lateral Valves

co-ax type orifice
inch approx.
connection max. pressure range Cv value
KX 1000
0.31" threaded 2.2 GPM
ECD-H 10
0.375" threaded 0-3000 psi 1.7 GPM
0.375" threaded 0-2250 psi 1.7 GPM
KBS 15
0.06" - 0.12" threaded 0-7500 psi 1.1 - 5.2 l/min
PCD 10
0.375" threaded 0-3750 psi 1.7 GPM
PCD-H 10
0.375" threaded 0-7500 psi 1.7 GPM
PCD-H 15
0.50" threaded 0-7500 psi 4 GPM
0.375" threaded 0-3750 psi 1.7 GPM
0.375" threaded 0-7500 psi 1.7 GPM
0.50" threaded 0-7500 psi 4 GPM