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3/2 Way coaxial Direct Acting Valves

The 3/2-way solenoid valves are electrically operated with three port connections and two switching positions. These valves are hermetically sealed on the outside and have been designed for liquid, gaseous, dirty, or poisonous (toxic) media. Even if the seals are completely worn out, no process media can escape - the valves maintain their seal.

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SIL3 Safety Integrity Level DIN EN 61508


The valves can be equipped with features such as manual override, various limit switches, mounting brackets, and a variety of electrical plug connections including M12x1 DESINA/VDMA and special PWM plugs that require lower current.


The direct-operated valves are available with nominal orifice sizes of approx. 0.375" to 3". The media pressure range extends from vacuum to 1500 psi. The sealing of the valve seat is guaranteed in the preferred direction up to full pressure rating in accordance with DIN 12266. In the opposite direction, sealing for most valves allows 240 psi maximum. Technical details can be found in the respective data sheets. The flow factor (Cv value) ranges from 2.9 to 80 GPM. Depending on the nominal size, the valves are available with port connections that are threaded, flanged or with special designs. This series is available with ATEX Zone 2/Category 3 rating.

Overview technical data 3/2 Way coaxial Direct Acting Valves

co-ax type orifice
inch approx.
connection max. pressure range Cv value
MK 10 DR
0.375" threaded 0-375 psi 3 GPM
MK 10 DR 40/100 bar
0.375" threaded 0-600 psi
0-1500 psi
2.5 GPM
1.6 GPM
MK / FK 15 DR
0.50" threaded
0-600 psi 5 GPM
MK / FK 20 DR
0.75" threaded
0-600 psi 7.7 GPM
MK / FK 25 DR
1.00" threaded
0-600 psi 12.9 GPM
MK / FK 32 DR
1.25" threaded
0-600 psi 12.9 GPM
MK / FK 40 DR
1.50" threaded
0-240 psi 21.3 GPM
MK / FK 50 DR
2.00" threaded
0-240 psi 32.6 GPM
FK 65 DR
2.50" flanged 0-240 psi 46.2 GPM
FK 80 DR
3.00" flanged 0-240 psi 63.6 GPM