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Modules and Manifolds

A module or manifold solution is recommended for applications requiring several valves to be installed in a confined space with minimal piping. The expense for valve piping, fittings, working time, and possible leaks is cut almost in half compared to installation of individual valves.

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SIL3 Safety Integrity Level DIN EN 61508

The module solution offers installation flexibility. Valves that are mounted in module bodies can be combined in minutes using fastening screws. Module assemblies can be expanded as required; the individual modules seal each other. Using an adapter, valves of different nominal sizes can be integrated into a single module system. Also, a module system can be divided by using separation modules for applications using two different media or two different pressures. A wide range of accessories is available to the user. Options such as blind covers, volume control, and mounting brackets are available. The modules are available from 2-fold to 9-fold versions. All module parts are available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Upon request, müller co-ax gmbh can implement special one-piece module solutions which are referred to as manifolds. This efficient solution may be considered for single series systems with the same number of valves when cost is the primary consideration rather than flexibility (future expansion, etc.).

Modules can be designed for distribution or mixing applications. Depending on the requirement, the valve seat will be installed inside or outside of the module. More information can be found in the animations on our homepage.

The most common valve types can be integrated in module or manifold designs with a wide range of nominal sizes and pressure ratings. The technical design is application-specific and will be finalized through consultation with the customer.

Our website’s homepage shows many valve versions that are suitable for a large variety of applications and media. Contact us for selection assistance from numerous variants and also special designs that are not listed on our website. From our product line, we are confident that we can offer a suitable valve for your requirement.

Overview technical data Modules and Manifolds

co-ax type orifice
inch approx.
connection max. pressure range Cv value
MK 10
0.375" threaded 0-1500 psi 2.9 GPM
MK 15
0.50" threaded 0-1500 psi 5.5 GPM
MK 20
0.75" threaded 0-1500 psi 8.6 GPM
MK 25
1.00" threaded 0-1500 psi 12.7 GPM
VMK 10
0.375" threaded 0-1500 psi 2.9 GPM
VMK-H 10
0.375" threaded 0-3000 psi 4 GPM
VMK 15
0.50" threaded 0-1500 psi 6.6 GPM
VMK 20
0.75" threaded 0-1500 psi 10.2 GPM
VMK 25
1.00" threaded 0-1500 psi 14.1 GPM
VMK 32
1.25" threaded 0-1500 psi 23.1 GPM
PCD-1/2 10
0.375" threaded 0-3000 psi 3.5 GPM
PCD-1/2 15
0.50" threaded 0-3000 psi 6.9 GPM
PCS-1/2 10
0.375" threaded 0-3000 psi 3.5 GPM
PCS-1/2 15
0.50" threaded 0-3000 psi 6.9 GPM
CFM 08
0.31" threaded 0-600 psi 1.8 GPM
MCF 08
0.31" threaded 0-1500 psi 1.8 GPM