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Lateral Valves

Lateral valves are solenoid valves with two or three port connections and two switching positions in the basic normally closed position (NC). In this type of construction, the magnetic drive is arranged laterally, not coaxially.

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Lateral construction is not pressure-balanced; the switchable pressure range is therefore significantly smaller than the range for coaxial design. However, the lateral design is often sufficient for applications in the low-pressure and rough vacuum range. Thanks to the simple construction, these valves offer very attractive pricing.

Lateral valves are particularly well-suited to the packaging, glass, metal, and furniture industries for use as a robust and fast switching valve for lifting applications (suction cups). Also, because they do not require dynamic seals, they are ideally suitable for use in dusty environments such as vacuum furnace installations.


Series DRV (3/2-way) are valves with three port connections and two switching positions. Series DRV valves are classic valves for use as vacuum lifting tools. Depending on the connection of the suction device and vacuum pump to the valve, function assignments (keep product de-energized; vent product de-energized) can be activated. Desired operation of the lifting tool (considering possible voltage or power failures) will avoid damage due to a heavy or valuable load coming loose.

Series DRV is available with nominal orifice sizes of approx. 0.47" to 1". The valve series is not suitable for liquid media. Due to its design, pressure is limited to 30 psi.


Series RSV (tube seat valve) are valves with two port connections and two switching positions. Two basic operations are offered: Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO). This classic open/closed version is available with nominal orifice sizes of approx. 0.47" to 2" and can be used for rough vacuum as well as for gaseous and liquid media. Due to the design, pressure is limited to a maximum of 150 psi.

Overview technical data Lateral Valves

co-ax type orifice
inch approx.
connection max. pressure range Cv value
RSV 12
0.50" threaded 0-150 psi 3.7 GPM
RSV 20
0.75" threaded 0-150 psi 7.9 GPM
RSV 25
1.00" threaded 0-150 psi 8.7 GPM
RSV 32
1.25" threaded 0-150 psi 9.5 GPM
RSV 40
1.50" threaded 0-150 psi 16.2 GPM
RSV 50
2.00" threaded 0-150 psi 22 GPM
DRV 12
0.47" threaded 0-15 psi 3.1 GPM
DRV 20
0.75" threaded 0-30 psi 10.5 GPM
DRV 25
1.00" threaded 0-30 psi 14.8 GPM