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solutions for the construction and transportation industries

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solutions for the construction and transportation industries

Whether above or below ground, the conditions in the construction industry and thus the requirements for a valve are extreme. Mud, dirt, dust, heavy vibrations, and temperature extremes are ever-present at construction sites, and simultaneously pose a challenge to any valve manufacturer. Due to their highly compact and robust design, müller co-ax valves are being used successfully in this harsh environment. Product certifications such as TÜV, DVGW and ATEX emphasize the high degree of safety, reliability and quality exhibited by our valves.

Application examples of our valve technology

Construction and transportation

Transport vehicles

Construction vehicles

Mixing equipment


Tunnel construction

Reasons why co-ax® is the best choice for applications in the construction and transportation industries include

Valve durability
  • Valve durability
    The durability of our valves can also become your competitive advantage. Our valves can successfully handle contaminated media due to the integration of wiper rings and wear-resistant internal parts. The robust valve design also enables them to be used in dirty and dusty environments. This ensures low-maintenance operation for years.
  • Specialist for extremes
    For applications in cleaning vehicles, trains and refrigerated vans, our valves are subjected to extreme environments such as high pressure or freezing temperatures. As a specialist for extremes, we have products for these types of applications in our portfolio.
Specialist for extremes
Process reliability due to certified valves
  • Process reliability due to certified valves
    The construction industry has numerous applications in which TÜV, DVGW or ATEX certifications are required when handling hazardous substances such as combustible materials and combustible gases, safety and reliability has the highest priority. Our certified valves have been proven to meet the necessary safety requirements even under challenging conditions. In short - by installing our valves, you have created a reliable foundation for your project.